Funeral Services

W.A.Forsey founded Forsey and Son in 1946 based upon a very simply but important mantra, one that has been passed on to Trotman Funeral Directors:

"To alleviate the sorrow of parting, is to render a service to mankind. To this our every effort is respectfully dedicated".

We still strongly believe that in whatever service we offer this ideal should be upheld and that care and consideration is ever-present. Whether you choose our 'Bespoke Funeral' option, the most common as you are given the flexibility to completely tailor the funeral to create a truly personal occasion, our 'Basic Economy Funeral', in which costs are minimised or our 'Direct Cremation', we will always conduct ourselves with the same level of care and compassion.

A summary of our funeral services and what they include is shown in the table below followed by further details of each type of service.

* Provision of a traditional hearse and necessary personnel. Other options are available at a different cost.

** Where the Chapel of Rest is not incldued in the 'Basic Economy Funeral', viewings can be arranged at an additional cost. For the 'Direct Cremation' no viewings are possible.


*** Disbursements for the 'Direct Cremation' option are included to permit the funeral to take place. Disbursements for the 'Basic Economy Funeral' are the 'Bespoke Funeral' can be added at prices in accordance with our price list. Please speak to one of our Funeral Directors for options and prices.

Bespoke Funeral


More than ever before, we are able to enjoy a time when choice and access to information is at the touch of a button or at the end of a phone call. With that in mind, our most popular service is where the funeral can be tailored to your exact needs and wishes and where you have complete flexibility.

We are proud to have the opportunity to listen to your wishes and conduct a funeral that is truly personal and an occasion that you can look back on with fond memories. In that light, our funeral directors are extremely well placed to meet with you and discuss your specific wishes and advice and guide you on what would be most appropriate.

Given the nature of our bespoke option, the specific funeral will be unique to you, which will also be reflected in the cost. However, our Bespoke Funeral service starts from £2,461, which includes a simple coffin, a traditional hearse and all of our professional services.

To create your own bespoke funeral for your loved one, or for yourself in the form of a Pre-payment Plan, please contact one of our Funeral Directors who would be more than happy to assist and guide you in this manner.

Basic Economy Funeral


In this day and age, given the diversity within the UK and the Mendip region, it is hard to know what constitutes a traditional funeral. Families are given more choice than ever before, ensuring that the send-off for their loved one is bespoke, personal and meaningful.

To that end, it is difficult to compare the cost of a basic traditional funeral given that the range of options are great in number but we are happy to offer a simple traditional funeral, or the 'Basic Economy Funeral'. This option is simple and therefore does not allow much flexibility. However, our 'Bespoke Funeral' permits complete flexibility for the entire funeral ceremony.

As an indication of an approximate cost, a Basic Economy Funeral, necessitating a more involved provisions of our services than say a 'Direct Cremation', would start at £2,190 and is due prior to the funeral taking place.

In addition to this fee, we would add disbursements (or third party costs) such as cemetery fees, crematorium fees, minister fees, flower costs, the printing of service sheets, newspaper announcements and obituaries etc. It is worth noting that disbursement costs would be very similar, if not identical which ever funeral company you select.

After we have discussed the full funeral arrangements, which usually takes about an hour, we always give a written estimate in line with the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). Our membership of both the NAFD and the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) gives families reassurance that we adhere to strict codes of practice. 

Direct Cremation


According to a recent study performed by SunLife, cremation remains the most popular form of funeral service, with 75% of the UK population opting for cremation over burial. In addition to this, with the rising costs of funerals due to inflation and third party cost increases, people are increasingly becoming more price sensitive and aware and some families are opting for a funeral without a ceremony, often referred to as 'Direct Cremation'.

Notable direct cremations in the past few years have included David Bowie, and whilst not in line with our comprehensive service for a more traditional funeral, we are happy to provide a Direct Cremation, should you desire but would just qualify that such a funeral includes only the items essential to carry out a very basic cremation.

The cost of our 'Direct Cremation' funeral, including only essential disbursements (or third party costs) for the crematorium and doctors for preparation of forms, is £1,695 and is due prior to the funeral taking place.

This is usually the most basic service offered by any funeral directing company, often provided in response to public demand. Families choosing a funeral should be fully aware of the limited services this includes and understand that bears little similarity to what most people would expect for a traditional funeral in this geographical area.

We would just like to reassure you that no matter the extent of the funeral service offered we will conduct ourselves with the same level of care, compassion and professionalism when looking after your loved one.

If you wish to add other service to the funeral arrangements, such as handling donations, attending the crematorium, visiting the Chapel of Rest, having some choice in the time of the service, then we would be happy to discuss your requirements and given you an estimate of the likely costs for a more 'Bespoke Funeral'.