Funeral Decisions
Cremation or Burial?

The first decision that needs to be made and will most likely be asked first by the Funeral Director is whether the funeral is to be a burial or cremation. Within these two options are a plethora of different avenues including: an unattended direct cremation, a full cremation service, a green burial, a burial in a Churchyard to name but a few. Our Funeral Directors will be able to guide you through the different options when we meet with you.

In the UK, in order to be cremated, a number of forms need to be completed. This is a statutory requirement and in order to prevent you the burden, we are happy to guide you through the process and we can complete and submit forms where possible. The specifics of the forms will be discussed when we meet with you, but anyone wishing to have access to the Form 1 (Cremation Application Form) can do so either via the UK Government WEBSITE, or the form is attached as a PDF HERE.


We are able to offer a wide range of coffins that are suited for all our client's distinctive needs. To reduce our carbon footprint, we pride ourselves on using local suppliers for our willow coffins.

For a selection from our extensive range of coffins, please click HERE to view our brochure.


The funeral service itself is a very personal affair and can be tailored as such with readings and pieces of music. Whether religious or not, readings can be very much dictated by the desires and wishes of our clients. We have compiled a LIST of the most common readings, but we would welcome any text that you may wish to have as part of the service.

Service Sheets

The funeral service will usually be led by a minister or celebrant who will guide you through the content of the service and if it is your desire to have service sheets present, we can facilitate the compilation of the booklet as well as the final printing. We work closely with a local printer to ensure that we have a wide range of options available to us and also to ensure that the service sheets are printed on time. 

We have a document attached HERE to indicate the possible options when considering the design of the service sheet.

NB: for best results and to appreciate the pages in full, please zoom out by selecting on the menu at the bottom of the document.


In a world where getting to and from places is a big focus with increased movement of people, we are increasingly seeing families choosing various options for transportation in a funeral. Whether this is a more traditional hearse and limousine combination or a VW Camper Van Hearse, we have a number of options at our disposal. Please speak to one of our funeral directors for a complete idea of the options available.

We are proud to announce that we believe we are the first and only independent funeral director in the South West to have an entire fleet of hybrid vehicles.